Choosing Your Bridal Party!

There are so many bases to cover when it comes to planning your wedding.  There are many decisions that you and your fiance will have to make.  An important decision is choosing who will be in your wedding party.  Here are some tips in making the decision:

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to be surrounded by friends and family that have been there for you and have supported you throughout your life.  Friends may come and go, but choosing the friends or family that have always been there for you would be a wise choice.  You shouldn't feel pressure to choose someone that you are not sure of.  For instance, maybe when you were younger you had a friend that you always thought would be in your wedding.  If that friend has not been in your life for awhile and has not been there for you, then you shouldn't feel obligated to have them in your wedding if it doesn't feel right.  Sometimes friendships change.

Sometimes brides want their bridesmaids to be even with their groomsmen.  Some may think that the even number to a bridal party looks better in pictures.  Having an even number to each side of the bridal party is not essential.  You shouldn't force yourself to have someone in your wedding just to keep things even!

It is a good idea to consider who you trust will be in your life for the long haul.  You don't want to look back at your wedding pictures and have regrets for who you chose to be in your bridal party.  So take your time in deciding who will be up at the altar supporting you in the biggest decision of your life!

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