The Bride’s Survival Guide: First Steps Part III

Size, style and season of your wedding are the foundations of all your wedding plans. They determine the feel of your wedding, the scope of details, and most importantly your budget. Here are three mistakes to avoid in regards to size:

1.Going too big for the money. Plan within your comfort zone. Don’t think too extravagantly and justify it as a “once in a life-time event” or the “we deserve this on our big day”. I can’t stress enough the importance of staying within a well thought out budget. You don’t want to start off your marriage by being in a slump of debt! That’s starting off your married life with a guaranteed crash.

2.Going too small for the money. This is the exact opposite as stated above. Don’t stress yourself out too much about saving every last penny you possibly can while planning your wedding. Remember that your guests are there to have a good time and if you have a bare bones wedding it communicates to them that you don’t care about them.

3.Getting bossed into inviting too many guests. Don’t let your parents, siblings, or bridal party members add extra people to the guest list. Before you know it, you’re going to have a massive guest list—and you don’t even know a third of those who are invited! Not only is that expensive, but you lose part of the intimacy of your wedding when there are so many strangers in attendance. Have a few key messages to tell someone when they are trying to bulk up your guest list such as, “we don’t’ want it to seem like we’re inviting a ton of people so that we’ll get more gifts’” or “we really have our hearts set on a smaller banquet hall…if you invite all of your office friends, we won’t be able to do that.” That way you are prepared when this issue arises and have a way to politely tell them no.

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