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Bridal Survival Guide Part Two: What to Avoid When Wedding Planning


Alright ladies, as promised, I wanted to share part two of my bridal survival planning guide (read part one here). As I previously mentioned, weddings really get everyone’s emotions running high; yours, your families, your future spouses, etc. And here at Forever Bride, we get it! Weddings are one of, if not THE most important days of your life! You want everything to be perfect and just how you imagined it. But, that doesn’t mean that you should be stressed out & not enjoying every minute of it.

That being said, this week’s survival guide is all about 4 “simple” things to remind yourself to avoid when emotions are running wild. Easier said than done, we know, but hopefully these tips will help you make the most of everything. I’ll also be sharing recommendations on how to cope with these mistakes that people can make, because let’s be honest, we’re all human and probably will do these at least once during wedding planning… (I’m guilty as charged)

One way to help make that happen is to sign-up to become a Forever Bride, the other four tips I have below!

In case you missed part one on what to avoid when first getting engaged, you can catch up here!


1. Not being flexible

This one feels pretty self-explanatory and will most likely make you miserable and annoy everyone else around you. I don’t want you to think that we’re telling you that you, as the bride, are not the most important person during wedding planning. You are. As I previously mentioned, you and your future partner are the stars of the day, the co-number ones. It is YOUR guys big day after all. However, there will be a lot of opportunities that will arise while planning your big day (and your engagement party, bachelorette, bridal showers, etc.) where it’s important to remind yourself to keep an open mind and most importantly be flexible! It will take a lot of stress of you and everyone else involved.

For example, let’s say you’re the type of friend to give your girlfriends, fiancé, and family 110% all the time. You’re loyal, passionate, and a party planner. So, for your wedding day, you hope for (and secretly expect) the same. However, the year you’re getting married may be the same year that your college and high school bestie are also getting married. That means that most of your bridal party has two weddings this year. I know this hypothetical situation is getting long, but bear with me…

If your bridal party has two weddings to pay for, that means x2 the cost of bridesmaid dress, gifts, bachelorette parties, etc., which might mean they aren’t willing to spend money on things like you’d have or did spend for them. This is when it pays to be flexible. Why not skip your dream bachelorette in Napa for a weekend in WI going to wineries? This saves time, money, and will even guarantee more of your best girlfriends show up. Because at the end of the day, spending time with them is most important!

As much as your day and all of the festivities leading up to it are all about you, it’s important to remember to be flexible because it’s not fun to be the bride that nobody wants to celebrate! Instead, go with the flow and remind yourself that celebrating with those you love most is what’s most important.


2. Not being organized

Disorganization is one of the worst (and probably easiest) mistakes you can make with your wedding. You are ultimately in control of everything that is going on, so don’t worry about being a little too micromanagey. Right away when you get engaged it’s pivotal that you set up a spreadsheet and begin budgeting. It’ll help you evaluate the different vendors you’re speaking with and also prevent you from going over budget. Remember advice from my first guide too, be sure to do a TON of research and keep track of it. Once you do that, then move on to your priority list because it’ll help you decide where to spend your money on. Here’s 10 other ways to have a budget-savvy wedding in Minnesota!

After you make a budget to stay organized, it’s best to also compile a checklist of what needs to get done and when. A lot of wedding activities have different dates when they need to be completed by. We first recommend booking your venue! Also, a lot of vendors will only ask for down payments to secure your date, so be sure to also make a checklist and add important budget deadlines in your calculator!

Lastly, another key way to stay organized is to figure out an awesome receipt storage system. Odds are, you and your future hunny won’t be paying for everything out of pocket, or you’ll be needing to get reimbursed. Make sure you keep track (we recommend via Google Docs so you both can edit it and stay on top of it) of every expense and the date you paid so you don’t run into any issues with the vendors closer to your wedding date. It will help you out in the long run and save you lots and lots of headaches!


3. Rushing through planning

This mistake is paired with one I first mentioned in my Brides Survival guide Part 1.

Similarly, to not rushing into wedding plans, you also don’t want to rush through them. If you fly through planning your wedding, you leave a lot of time where you second-guess your plans. You know that cake you wanted a month ago, now you’re thinking that mocha filling might be better. Did you see the dress that bride was wearing in this month’s The Knot magazine? Can I afford a second one? Not only is this annoying to you and everyone else involved, but it will probably lead to spending more money. A lot of the deposits and choices you make can’t be changed!

You also don’t want to ruin the fun and get through all of the beautiful details early on. As nice as it is to have a long break where you’re not planning and doing a ton, it’s just as fun to check things off one-by-one and take your time. So, leverage the checklist that I mentioned in Tip #2 and figure out what needs to be taken care of and when. I guarantee every little detail doesn’t have to be planned two months after getting engaged.

In fact, there’s books out there from the wedding gurus at The Knot, as well as many others, that have awesome check-lists already ready for you that tell you when you should check what off your list. It’s a super easy way to ensure you’re not rushing through planning and also make #2 happen! It’s especially useful if you’re not a Type A bride or you’re so Type A – seriously, they’re good for both personality types and are an awesome way to stay organized. So, sit back and relax while planning your wedding instead of rushing through it. You’ll thank us later!


4. Counting on other’s promises

Lastly, many people will rush to your side and make promises on how they’ll help you with your big day, but don’t get your hopes up when your parents say they’ll foot the bill for the wedding or your friend agrees to be in your wedding party. Things arise that could cause them to go back on that promise.

The best thing to do when this happens is keep a smile on your face and support them for whatever reason they have to back out of their promise. Then, once you’re out of sight of them, you can go home and cry to your future partner about how ruthless and insensitive they are.


I hope that these past two blog posts filled with tips on how to survive planning the best day of your life will help you avoid making mistakes that most brides make. And if you happen to have already made one, or encounter one along the way, bookmark this post and come back to it to ensure you know how to make what seems like a terrible situation, just a bump in the road. And, for more advice and to save money on your wedding day, make sure you sign-up to be a Forever Bride!

Happy planning!

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