5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Menu More Memorable

We have all experienced the standard wedding menu. A dry piece of chicken breast, a non-descript rice pilaf, and some tragically overcooked and out of season vegetable. Albeit an old standby… it’s rather uninspired and says nothing about what amazing people you and your partner are!  

Your wedding menu is the perfect opportunity to let you and your bride/groom personalities shine!  What’s your favorite snack? Favorite food when you were a little kid?  Are you obsessed with Sriracha and your future spouse is a staunch Tabasco supporter? Let those personal touches be a part of your day.

Make Seasonal Menu Choices

When working with your caterer make sure that one of your top considerations is the season in which you are getting married. It’s certain that when you use the freshest ingredients, the food will reflect that in flavor. Watermelon might be your favorite fruit, but, serving it at your winter wedding might not be the best choice. For a winter menu, the better option would be choosing something with pears or clementines. Let the bounty of each season be your guide.


Food Stations

A fun alternative for your wedding menu is creating a more interactive environment for your guests. You can achieve this by picking several different food stations so they can enjoy an array of options. The key to the interactive element is having the stations peppered throughout your venue.  It gets people up and out of their seats and enjoying themselves. No more crowding at the bar or the buffet table! It’s a great conversations starter too… “Have you tried the crab cakes yet?” “No, but the mini twice-baked potatoes are amazing!” Often times choosing a wide array of heavy appetizers ends up being a more budget friendly choice as well, so really it’s a win-win all around.


Family Style Service

A typical wedding meal is served plated or as a buffet, both of which are great choices.  However, if you want to try something that will stand out a bit more and really create a unique atmosphere you may want to consider having dinner served Family Style. Family Style service speaks for itself. Think about sitting around your dining room table passing the mashed potatoes to your brother or asking your dad to quit hogging all the rolls.  It’s a very communal feeling that will really resonate with your guests and create a unique moment that they will surely remember.


Tie in Your Heritage

Serving food that is a nod to you and your groom/bride's heritage is a beautiful way to personalize your wedding menu. Perhaps your family is French and your groom/bride's family is German. Imagine an adorable dessert station filled with macarons and mini black forest cupcakes. You can even go all in and have your whole menu focused around your heritage.  How about Brick Oven Pizza and Risotto for your giant Italian families? Si, grazie!


Edible Favors

Wedding favors are intended to be a little gift for your guests as a thank you for coming to your special day.  Let’s be honest though, most of the personalized beer koozies either end up left behind or shoved deep into a junk drawer. They are totally cute… but most of your guests don’t truly need those items. What your guests really need and want, is a delicious package of cookies, hand-made sea salt caramels, or little jars of honey. Plus, edible favors are another way to really let your personalities shine. How about some cute sugar cookies cut out in the shape of your home states or your alma mater's mascot?


Written by | Kirsten Carlson at Lucia's Catering & Events

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