Forming new habits can be difficult.  We all tend to get use to our routines.  But if you’re regular routine is keeping you from spending quality time with the love of your life, then you should consider these tips!

Do not prioritize TV over communicating!

Make sure to have some quality time with your man at some point during the day or night.  If your favorite show is on, be sure to time it out.  You do not want to sacrifice feeling in tune with your man just so that you can enjoy your favorite TV drama.

Take an interest in his hobbies!

Men tend to have very different hobbies from what women are drawn to.  This does not mean we can't have fun discovering new hobbies with our men!  Give it a try; you may discover something that you never thought you would like!

Exercise together!

If you are used to your regular workout routine that does not involve your man, then try mixing it up and including him!  This will give you more quality time together!

Days go by quickly!  The more ways you can find to spend time with the man you love, the better!  So be creative and have fun spending more time together!

 Author: Jessica Dennison | Relationship Blogger

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Finding the love of your life is an amazing experience!  The feelings of happiness can easily take you over.  But what can you do when you are feeling a little off and not all that happy?  Here are THREE tips that may help!

1.  Ask yourself if you have unresolved conflict that might be causing some tension in your relationship.  You know the saying “Never go to bed angry.”  So make sure to do your part in keeping the peace between the two of you!

2.  There are a lot of things you can do to lift your mood.  Exercise together!  The endorphins will lift your mood quickly,  or you can do the opposite and eat something yummy!  There is nothing like a good sugar high!

3.  Remember to keep dating.  Go on adventurous, be spontaneous, make memories together!  It is important to have things that the two of you can look forward to.

In life, you are sure to have many different emotions and moods.  That is why it is important for you to know what makes your fiance happy.  On days when you or your fiance are not feeling all that happy, it will be beneficial for you to be aware of doing things that will make you or your man happy once again!

Author: Jessica Dennison

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Getting married is an amazing experience that you will cherish forever!  As the years go on, you will soon find that disagreements and arguments can frequently come up in your marriage.  This is completely normal.  However, it is a good idea to have  a game plan to help you deal with these “bumps” that may arise.

When you get married, it is important to keep the peace between you and your husband as much as possible.  Don’t push each others buttons.  For an example, it is not a good idea to get into the habit of “bad talking” each others families.  Even if you don’t enjoy the company of your spouses family, it is not a good idea to bring that negativity into your conversation.  Have respect for your spouses family and for your spouse by not being disrespectful towards the family that he grew up in.  Learn to appreciate the differences that the two of you have!

If there is something that you are not agreeing on, discuss it in a calm matter until you both can agree to meet in the middle.  Unresolved issues can turn into bigger issues if they are not dealt with correctly.

Recognize what your trigger buttons are.  If you are at your breaking point and are  frustrated with your spouse, be sure to remove yourself from the situation before matters get worse.  We all know that we tend to say things that we regret when we are really mad!

Remember that arguments and fights are apart of life!  The important thing to remember is to say your sorry and admit when you are wrong.  Even if you apologize a million times, at least you are humbling yourself enough to realize when you are in the wrong.  Your spouse will appreciate your willingness to admit your faults.  The sooner you do this, the sooner you can move past the argument.  Before you know it, you will be back in the realm of newlywed bliss!

Author: Jessica Dennison | Relationship Advice Blogger

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Your fiance is your soul mate, your best friend and your companion.  Because you love each other so much, it can become easy to choose your man over your friends.  But having balance in your life is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship.  
Here are some tips that you may find useful:
  1. Encourage each other to maintain the friends in your life.  Have a girls night out or a guys night out.  This will help you connect with your friends on a deeper level. Sometimes it is good to get out of your regular routine with your man and do something different during the week.
  2. Pursue new friendships.  As a couple it is fun to develop new friendships.  Have a double date night!
  3. Look for ideas on There are a ton of fun date night ideas and plus, you can get a great deal!

Taking initiative in your relationship will pay off because having balance in your life will make everyone happier in the long run!

Author: Jessica Dennison | Relationship Advice Columnist

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So, the day has come and gone.  You are now married!  I am sure that your big day was a total dream come true!  Now, it’s time to move in together!  I am sure the two of you have already talked over the details regarding how you will go about moving in.  Here are some basic tips to consider before the move in date! 
moving in
 Plan it out! 

Make sure that you talk over the details with your fiance.  What will be your move in date? Will you have a truck rented by then to load all of your stuff to your new place?

Ask for help in advance 

Moving can be a lot of work!  So be sure to ask for help from friends and family.  Be sure to offer them food/snack for their efforts in helping you out, because some times moving can take all day!


We are all on this journey called life. There are many ups and downs. Sometimes all we need is a bit of encouragement! It can be easy to get caught up in your own life. When you find that special someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with, you will soon realize that the problems they face in their life will soon become your problem as well. It is a good idea to take interest in your man's struggles. Be sure to listen and give advice when it is needed. Sometimes all he may need is for you to listen to him.

Men tend to be problem solvers, so let him talk through the issues he may be facing. Hearing encouragement from you is what he may really need. Send him texts throughout the day letting him know that you are thinking of him. Give him something to look forward to even if he is having a rough day. Make him dinner or take him out for a date to get his mind of the stress of the day.  Make a date to go to the gym together to help him blow off some steam!

Make him laugh. Remind him of a special memory that the two of you have. This is sure to lift his spirits! Send him a picture of something funny or surprise him with his favorite coffee. He will appreciate the "pick me up."  If you haven't already registered for your wedding registry, let him have some fun picking things out for your new life together!

There is a reason that the man of your dreams has chosen to spend the rest of his life with you. I am sure the encouragement you already give him contributes to his love for you. But sometimes it is good to remind yourself of ways you can serve your man even more! So ask yourself the question, "Have you been encouraging the love of your life lately?" Sometimes the only one they need to hear from is you!

Author: Jessica Dennison | Forever Bride

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Forever Bride Host, Amanda Day,  helps you to organize all of the thoughts and excitment you have for your upcoming wedding by finding the right experts to help you make everything happen! Watch this episode now!

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There comes a time in your life when you realize that you are about to become a fiancé!  The time leading up to when your man pops the question is a very exciting time!  I am sure that you are experiencing many feelings and emotions at this point!  I remember feeling anxious, nervous and excited.  I found myself constantly wondering when he was going to purpose to me.  Here are some tips and suggestions to help ease your anxiety in waiting for your moment to finally happen...


firsttreeChristmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year!  It is a time to cherish one another, do traditions, have family time, and appreciate the winter wonderland that we live in!  It is even more wonderful when you have that special someone in your life to share it with!  There are many activities that you can do with your fiance this time of year that will make this one Christmas that you will never forget!

Decorate the tree together

If this is your first Christmas together as an engaged couple, make it even more special by decorating the tree with all of the decorations and ornaments that you both like!  Have a theme to your tree.  Chose colors that you will use for your wedding, or make the ornaments together.  Be sure to have Christmas music playing in the background!

Do some Christmas crafts

There are many crafts that the two of you can do together.  Build a gingerbread house together!  Decorate it with all of your favorite candies and frosting.  Make "Mr. and Mrs." stockings together.  When the two of you are newlyweds, you will be able to hang up the stockings you had so much fun making when you were an engaged couple!

Give back

This time of year is a great time to show a little Christmas cheer!  Be generous with people.  Give your time to your friends and family.  Do something special for someone.  Buy a gift or make a "care package" for a family in need.  You will feel greatly rewarded when you reach out to others in need.

These are just a few ideas that you can do to make this an unforgettable Christmas with your fiance.  Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have fun creating memories that will last for your entire marriage!

Author: Jessica Dennison | Relationship Advice Blogger

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